Founded in August 2016, 7 Academy of Performing Arts has quickly become Shropshire's leading centre for dance and musical theatre for both recreational and competitive level students. Offering the area's most extensive range of classes, we have built a reputation for offering reliable and affordable tuition. 
7 Academy of Performing Arts exists to create opportunities and makes dance and musical theatre accessible within our community.  Through teaching of the highest standards, we grow our students confidence, self-esteem and ability to look towards the future whilst nurturing their individuality and ability to create. We bring to talent to life!
Our mission is 'to impact our community by inspiring and celebrating individuality' and  following statements are what we refer to as Our Culture and they guide everything we do at 7 Academy of Performing Arts
"We don't teach kids to make great dancers, 
we teach dance to make great kids."
- Misty Lown

7 Academy of Performing Arts

76 - 83 Severn Walk | Telford | TF7 4AS

T: 07497 602185 | E: team@7academy.co.ukW: www.7academy.co.uk

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