7 Academy of Performing Arts was founded in 2016 by Ben Anderson and has since become the most trusted centre for the arts within Shropshire for it’s devotion to excellence. 

Are you looking to boost your child's confidence or self-esteem? Our friendly team will empower your child to be the brightest version of themselves by using a wealth of knowledge & experience to elevate them. 


Are you looking to support your child to follow their dreams? We have the trusted curriculum, industry knowledge and personal connections to be able to give them all the guidance they need to reach their destination.


Have you been searching for a performing arts Academy that truly cares about each individual? You have come to the right place and together we can unlock your child's full potential. 


If you answered yes to the above, then we invite you to complete the application below and begin your child's journey with 7 Academy of Performing Arts.

7 Academy of Performing Arts

76 - 83 Severn Walk | Telford | TF7 4AS

T: 07497 602185 | E: team@7academy.co.ukW: www.7academy.co.uk

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