7 Academy of Performing Arts proudly has the widest range and variety for classes and training locally, all led by our exceptionally talented team. 
Our programmes are structured to challenge our students in a positive and engaging manner, providing them with a sense of achievement when they master the requirements.
We are passionate about giving our student their chance to step into the spotlight and provide plenty of opportunities for them to take part in one of our professionally staged productions but only if they wish to. 


Ballet is where students learn the classical technique for this much loved discipline, as well as the fun elements of learning character and national dances. It is excellent for improving agility, coordination, flexibility, grace and strength and posture. Pointe work is then introduced when appropriate.

Modern Jazz is an extremely fun class structured to prepare students physical strength and flexibility through a series of technical exercises, as well giving the opportunity to explore a range of musical genres and rhythms.


Tap is a very popular style of dance in which the students wear shoes fitted with heel and toe taps, allowing them to use their feet as a percussive instrument.

Acrobatic dance combines dance movements, gymnastic tricks and tumbles which will help develop flexibility, stamina, strength and coordination.

Musical Theatre classes work on singing, acting and dancing and combining these skills to become an all-round performer.

Lyrical dance encourages students to dance with fluidity, strong technique and expression to the music in which they are performing too, giving them the chance to put their own personal touch to the choreography.

Also known as Street Dance, Commercial is a popular style of dance amongst all ages, learning the latest moves and choreography and performing them to everyones favourite songs.

Conditioning is the perfect class for students wishing to improve and maintain their flexibility and stamina. The class commences with cardio before working to stretch and strengthen areas of the body and muscles.

Please note not all classes are available for each age group and our team will advise you on the most suitable classes for your requirements


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