At 7 Academy of Performing Arts we believe that examinations  are the benchmark for measuring the technical ability of a student and their progress. 
Whilst examinations are not compulsory for our students, they are extremely popular amongst students and parents as on completion they not only receive the results but also a sense of achievement. 
Exam sessions are held at the studio throughout the year and students will only be entered when the team feels that they are ready to take the exam. In addition, they must regularly attend their classes and practising in their own time.
7 Academy of Performing Arts is proud to maintain a 100% pass rate in our exams and has also received multiple awards of excellence from our examination boards for continuing to produce high results.
Whilst we are members of multiple organisations, our two main exam boards are both recognised by the Council of Dance & Musical Theatre and many of their exams are recognised by OFQUAL, meaning that they carry UCAS points which can be used when applying for further education and university placements. 
Formerly known as the United Kingdom Alliance
Formerly known as the British Ballet Organisation

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