Private Tuition at 7 Academy of Performing Arts allows students to benefit from our teachers experience and knowledge on an individual basis, in turn giving them the chance to progress at an incomparable rate.
Our Principal & Artistic Director will assess each student interested in private tuition and match them with the teacher that he feels will benefit them the most but also meet the needs of the student for the desired outcome.  
Private tuition can be to go over examination work, festival work, general technique or even audition preparation. Due to our busy schedule, we are only able to offer our current students the facility to book private tuition.

What do the parents say?

"The unique ideas and experiences that Ben has makes dancing at 7 Academy of Performing Arts Always a pleasure.  You are an inspiration, friend and role model who goes above and beyond for all your students.  Providing not only weekly lessons, but private one to one lessons to develop their techniques, dances and to encourage them along their way. 


Elizabeth always appears more confident, focused and reassured after each of her one to one private lesson.  They are an important part of Elizabeth’s development."

Diane Horton

 Member of Team7 since 2016 

"Being a parent of two children at 7 Academy from the day it opened, I feel even though the children get more than what they need within their weekly timetable, private lessons are something I consider essential if you want your child to be pushed to higher limits, especially once they are at the stage that they start competing. I find that my children improve quicker through private lessons as one to one tuition makes the routines stick that much quicker, which in turn builds their confidence and dancing with more confidence definitely shines through. 


Thank you 7Academy from a VERY satisfied and proud parent. "

Maria Humphries

Member of Team7 since 2016

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